Katie Pope 'The Importance of Platonic L
Bernardas Bagdanavicius 'FLUXUS HAIKU'
Polly Constance 'A Tuesday morning'
Polly Constance 'A Tuesday morning'
Simon Meiklejohn 'Money makes the world go around.'
Jacob Talbot 'This place we call our home'
Sanna Sønstebø 'Airplanes'
Jay Percy 'Two Ships'
Cameron-Leigh Dudding 'The Effects of COVID-19 on the Heritage Sector'
Lilly Driscoll 'The United Kingdom'
Ursula Troche 'Glowing Shock'
James Critchley '1st September, 2020'

A poem

Giacomo Roessler 'Dear tree,'

A poem

Edward Picot 'Plastic'

A poem

Daniele Kieraite 'World beyond the Vision'

Fiction meets reality in a short story

Emily Berry 'If I had an atom bomb'

A poem

Asa Williams 'Poem ll'

A poem

Amy Guilfoyle 'Plastic Bird'

A poem

Imogen Morgan 'On missing school'

Prose poem in response to A-Level results and government U-turn

Edward Picot 'Bees'

Prose poem

Grae J. Wall 'Hope'

A poem

Benna Gaean Maris 'Originalism Manifesto'
Benna Gaean Maris 'Originalism Manifesto'
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