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Frequently Asked Questions 

When is the deadline?

There is a rolling Call Out every 3 months for our quarterly Magazine. You can find the latest deadline on our Submissions Information page. 

How much does it cost?

​The quarterly Magazine is 100% free to submit, and if selected there is no charge at all. Our mission is to create free, accessible and inclusive opportunities. 

If you are looking to purchase our Magazine, the 80+ page publication is £9.99 (+PP) to buy a printed copy and £3.49 for a digital copy. You can subscribe for just £7.99 every 3 months and collect every Issue.

We ship worldwide and feature international artists, so wherever you are you can sit back and enjoy our Magazine!  

Where is the Magazine stocked? 

We are over the moon to now be stocked in locations like Tate Modern, Housmans, HOME Manchester, Magalleria and Magazine Heaven. You can find our full stockist list here.  

How many works can I submit?

​As many as you want! There is no limit for submissions per Issue, but each submission has a maximum of 5 images or works. 

What happens if my submission is chosen?

Your work will be featured and credited in our digital and print Magazine, which will be promoted throughout our social media channels. This presents an opportunity for free publicity and to get involved in a passion project, which is a collective for action and change.

Our Magazine is then sold and distributed around the world, leading to new and exciting opportunities for our community of creatives. 

What other projects has A.R.T. been involved in?

Back in August 2020 we produced monthly Zines for a year, and we curated and funded The Postcard Project, which included publishing a Book of the project and curating an exhibition in London. 

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