The Postcard Project

Exhibition Private View Saturday 14th August 18:00-21:30. Sunday 15th August 2021 11:00-18:00.        
147 Stoke Newington Highstreet, London, UK.


At the beginning of November 2020, and the start of the UK’s second national lockdown, ARTISTS RESPONDING TO ... sent 200 postcards across the UK to 200 artists. These artists were invited to reflect on the year 2020 and create artwork directly onto the postcards. 

The artistic responses in the project range from paintings, drawings, lino prints, textile artworks, collages, photography and much, much more. These artworks reflect on experiences of COVID-19 as well as environemntal, political and social issues or triumphs. 

2020 and 2021 has been extremely unpredictable, consumed by a global pandemic, environmental turmoil and political warfare, but we have also experienced community, unity and action. We have all been through many physical and emotional challenges or changes, and The Postcard Project demonstrates a strong, inspiring and uplifting sense of resilience and community. 

Seeing how much every artist has been affected in such different ways has really put contemporary life into perspective. Each postcard artwork responds to a different personal experience that we can all relate to. They are raw and honest visualisations which shed light on everything these past 18 months have thrown at us collectively, and although they are small in size, they are hugely powerful.

The postcards involved in this project have been curated into an Exhibition and Art Book, which is now available to purchase!

The Postcard Project Exhibition was a fantastic opportunity for us all to come together and reflect on the past 18 months. We wanted to use the Exhibition as an opportunity to celebrate the easing of national lockdowns, acknowledge our societal resilience, and remember the loved ones we have sadly lost.

ARTISTS RESPONDING TO ...'s The Postcard Project Exhibition marks what will become an incredibly historical period of time, and this event was definitely be one to remember!

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Collaboration with The Net Gallery

We teamed up with The Net Gallery to create a 3D virtual scan of The Postcard Project Exhibition! This meant that everyone who wasn’t able to make it down to London for the weekend of our exhibition, still had the chance to experience the showcase, as if they were there.

The virtual 3D exhibition is available to ‘walk through’ via from Monday 16th August - Monday 13th September.

The Net Gallery has created a free online directory called Artist N Virtual – a social space for artists, curators and creators, making it easy to profile your practice and connect with like-minded people in the industry. Join today for free on:

We are absolutely over the moon to be able to offer a virtual experience of our exhibition to our featured artists and international community. 

How we sent and received the artworks:

What we sent the artists via Royal Mail: 

- A small cardboard backed envelope

- An A6 300gsm postcard in a biodegradable film sleeve 

- A 1st Class stamp to return the postcard 

- A return address label 

The Postcard Pack

The artists then created their artwork onto the postcards and returned them using their local Post Box. 

We would like to extend a massive thank you to the 200 Artists involved, you truly blew us away with your talent and resilience. 

All 200 artworks featured in the project have been curated and published into an Art Book. The book is a perfect, powerful memento of all the struggles and triumphs we have each experienced throughout such a life altering and historical period of time.


All proceeds from the book sales will go towards creating even more opportunities for our growing arts community 

The Postcard Project Book.JPG
The Postcard Project Book.JPG