As an artist-led community, our greatest passion is combining activism with contemporary art. We work to empower the voices of international creatives that have been personally impacted by environmental, political and social issues. 

Artistic expression can help us to realise and reveal flaws in our society, whilst allowing us to reinvent ways of living and imagine a future without those flaws. This belief is the driving force that leads the initiate ARTISTS RESPONDING TO …



Founded in the midst of the COVID-19 pandemic, our curator and fellow artist Polly Bates found herself faced with a drastic lack in opportunities for artists nationwide. As exhibitions were cancelled and galleries were closing, Polly wanted to create a more digitised and accessible way of experiencing art.

"I had already at this point become concerned with how Covid was overshadowing many other issues and paramount news that are equally important and urgent."

Combining the need for artistic opportunities and raising awareness of important issues, ARTISTS RESPONDING TO ... launched a monthly Zine in August 2020.


ARTISTS RESPONDING TO ... also initiated The Postcard Project in November 2020, where we sent 200 postcards across the UK to 200 artists and invited them to create an artwork responding to the turbulent year that was 2020. The 200 works have since been beautifully curated into a book, which is available to purchase in our shop. The powerful works were also showcased in a London exhibition in August, 2021. 

The Postcard Project Exhibition Image 9.jpg


Still striving to use creative depictions and literature to highlight current world issues, news and movements, we have recently launched a quarterly Magazine. Our Magazine creates a political and environmental platform to help ignite conversations and spread awareness through visual and written poetic responses. 

ARTISTS RESPONDING TO … Magazine includes an eclectic range of fine art and literature, essays, articles, advice columns for emerging artists, expert advice from industry leaders, exhibition must-sees and interviews with renowned artists. A.R.T Magazine is a space for activism, but also becomes a form of information. We are proud to provide a space for critical discussion and reflection, whilst also creating opportunities for artists to share and celebrate their work.

We accept international submissions from passionate artists, creatives and writers, find out how to get involved on our submissions page

Now more than ever we need unity, community, a call for action and artistic expression, hopefully you will find all of that at A.R.T.

Thank you for your support. 

Follow @artistsrespondingto on instagram for regular updates on submissions, and for an opportunity to interact with an international community of artists, creatives and writers that are calling on action and change. 

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