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The Winter edition of our Magazine is packed with thought provoking and inspiring features of: 

  • The top 8 must-see UK exhibitions for this season
  • A Q&A Advice Column 
  • Expert Advice from Blair Todd, Programme Curator at the Newlyn Art Gallery and Darren Pih, Chief Curator & Artistic Director at Harewood House
  • An interview with James Earley, a hyper-realism figurative painter who collaborates with charities to raise awareness about political and environmental issues
  • An opinion piece by Unveilral
  • A review of the Arts Council Collection's touring exhibition 'Breaking the Mould: Sculpture by Women Since 1945' by Melis Dumlu 
  • 'The Art of Healing', an interview article with Tim A Shaw, Niamh White, and Sutapa Biswas discussing the powerhouse charity Hospital Rooms by Amanda-Jane Reynolds
  • The works of international artists and poets responding to environmental, political and social issues


ARTISTS RESPONDING TO ... Magazine approaches paramount news and world happenings through the eyes of international artists, creatives and writers. We use creative depictions and literature to highlight current world issues, news and movements that aren't getting the attention that they deserve. A political and environmental platform to help ignite conversations and spread awareness through visual and written poetic responses.


Issue 5 includes an eclectic range of paintings, sculptures, drawings, textiles, photography, digital art, photography, you name it! A.R.T. Magazine is a quarterly publication, curated and designed by London-based Fine Artist Polly Bates. 


88 pages packed with artistic content ready for instant download.

You will receive an email with a link to download the A4 PDF Magazine shortly after purchase. For the best viewing experience, read on a computer or laptop.  

ART Digital Magazine Issue 5, Winter 2023

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