Contemporary art, culture and activism. 

A quarterly publication available from January 2022 for the Winter edition. 

After a very successful year of producing 11 fine art and literature Zines responding to environmental, political and social issues, ARTISTS RESPONDING TO ... launched a magazine in January 2022


Our magazine is a digital and printed publication which uses creative depictions or literature to highlight current world issues, news and movements that aren't getting the attention that they deserve. A political and environmental platform to help ignite conversations and spread awareness through visual and written poetic responses.

Our mission is to create a magazine that showcases global artists, creatives and writers who use their unique voice to tackle issues that have emotionally or physically impacted them. 


The magazine includes artist highlights, where we will curate pages of artists working in all creative mediums such as paint, sculpture, textile, photography, digital art and graphics, poetry, dance, song lyrics, and any other experimental form of creative expression

The Magazine also includes a range of features such as art reviews and exhibition must sees, interviews, articles on global news and advice columns for emerging artists. 


We are looking for submissions to any part of the above features! 

Is your artistic practice politically engaged?


Are you a writer looking for an opportunity to get published? 

Do you have an upcoming exhibition or opportunity you want to share? 

Then we want to hear from you! 




Please email the following list to artistsrespondingto@outlook.com:


- Your full name / artist name / collective name and pronoun.

- Website and/or Instagram handle for crediting your work. 

- Up to 5 high-quality images of your artistic responses with a list of title, size and materials. These can be of one artwork or multiple from a series.

- A 150 word contextual artwork statement. 


Please email the following list to artistsrespondingto@outlook.com:

- Your full name and pronoun.

- Website and/or Instagram handle for crediting your work. 

- Your written submission in a word document - we currently have a 1,000 word limit.

- A 150 word contextual statement or description of the submission. 


ISSUE 2    

We want to share your passion and experience your anger, your confusion, your glimpses of hope, your excitement and your anxieties, making our magazine a space for activism but also a form of information. 


This is a free opportunity to get involved in a powerful and international initiative.

Please only submit work that is your own and you are happy for us to share. 

Get creative and use your power of expression to discuss news, movements or a happening you care about. 


If successful, your work will be featured in our digital and print magazine available to purchase via our website.

We will also be promoting the magazine and works featured through our social media platforms. Find us on Instagram and Facebook at - @artistsrespondingto


If you have any questions about what to submit or the application process, please contact us on: artistsrespondingto@outlook.com