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Featuring art and poetry responding to environmental, political and social issues, exhibition reviews and "must see" exhibits, interviews, articles, Q&A advice columns and  advice from industry leaders!   


ARTISTS RESPONDING TO... create artist-led projects which feature international artists from every corner of the globe. 

Our Quarterly Magazine is a powerful publication which shares real experiences and stories through artistic and poetic responses. 


Activism is at the heart of what we do, and A.R.T.'s mission is to use our platform to ignite change through the power and appreciation of art. 

The works involved inform our readers on global issues, as well offer a comforting perspective that we are not alone in hoping for a more inclusive, greener and safer future. 


We take international artworks and carefully curate them into slick and eclectic publications. The range of artworks and discussions are overwhelming, and our publications are sure to reveal varying viewpoints and experiences.


With the roaring success of our 1st gallery exhibiting opportunity 'The Postcard Project', A.R.T. will continue to create in-person showcase opportunities for our ever-growing online arts community. 

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We create artist-led ongoing projects with a quarterly Magazine approaching paramount news and world happenings through the eyes of artists, creatives and writers.

Submissions for our Issue 3 of our Magazine are now open!
We accept written and artistic responses to current news and movements.
Use your power of creative expression to bring light to a cause or happening that you are passionate about. 
Click on LEARN MORE to find out how to submit! 

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