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The Postcard Project Book is now in stock! 

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Follow @artistsrespondingto on instagram for access to our online Zine, regular updates on submissions, and for an opportunity to interact with an international community of artists, creatives and writers that are calling on action and change. 

A.R.T will also bring you a daily dose of artist highlights which include even more works and insights into this month's contributors. 

See below for a selection of our most recent posts: 

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Issue's 1 and 2 are now stocked at Good Press Bookshop in Glasgow, Scotland! 

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Thank you to the 200 artists taking part in this exciting project! 

The book is now stocked and available to purchase via our shop. We will be exhibiting all 200 postcards in an exhibition in 2021. 

We have been overwhelmed with the incredible response to The Postcard Project! We had only planned to send out 100 postcards across the UK, but instead have doubled this to 200 in just one week! 

We have sent the 200 postcards to UK based artists, inviting them to respond to and reflect on a piece of news or social, political or environmental happening that emotionally and/or physically impacted them over the course of the year 2020. 

These artwork are ranging from oil painting, acrylic painting, watercolour painting, drawings, ink, etchings, screen prints, collage, printing onto the postcards, sewing or embroidering onto the cards and much more! 

We will have launched a book to celebrate and document this project which is now available for purchase! Follow us on social media for sneak peaks of the diverse artworks involved!  

The Postcard Project Book.jpg

We are artist-led ongoing projects with a monthly Zine approaching paramount news and world happenings through the eyes of artists, creatives and writers.

Submissions open for Issue 5  on 6th December - the deadline is on the 20th January 2021. 

We accept written and artistic responses to current news and movements.

Use your power of creative expression to bring light to a cause or happening that you are passionate about. 


Free online Zine approaching paramount news and world happenings through the eyes of artists, creatives and writers.

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